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About Us

About The Founder

After the devastating earthquake of January 12, 2010, one of our founders, Marjorie Abilhomme, visited Haiti to help the devastated country. When Jacquelin Francois, our other founder, visited in 2011, she was shocked by the conditions in which many low-income families live. Most residents lack educational opportunities, medical care, food, and clothing, leading to a cycle of poverty and increased crime rates. Jacquelin decided to use her resources in the US to help low-income families in Haiti.

Make A Difference Today

Our Goals

  • Help low-income individuals break the cycle of poverty through education and job opportunities.
  • Decrease juvenile delinquency by providing education and after school activities that prepare young people to be productive citizens.
  • Support small villages by providing food, clothing, and medical care.
  • Open a community center to offer educational opportunities, medical care, and job training.

Our Values

Respect: We esteem others and recognize the inherent dignity of each person involved in our mission.

Communication: We value honest, transparent communication that aims to lift people up, not drag them down.

Dedication: We are committed to providing consistent high-quality support to program participants.

Leadership: For us to lead, we must serve. We invest in our participants, volunteers, and staff to ensure mission fulfillment and that each person feels valued and understood.